Overall Well-Being
Dr. Jeff Bauman, Licensed Child Psychologist and Life Coach serving the Weston, Florida area.

Jeff M. Bauman, Psy.D, P.A.

Licensed Psychologist - Life Coach
Serving Weston, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Parkland, Pembroke Pines and all of South Florida
Phone: (954) 915-8010

Senior Level Clinician Consultations for Children, Adolescents, Emerging Adults, and their Families.

Overall Well-Being for the Entire Family


Now a full member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Bauman has long been a proponent of a whole person approach to mental and physical health care. In fact, it is very difficult to separate mind from body in thinking about our overall health. No matter what brings you to our care, all members of the family will benefit from this approach. Strategies include education about the physiological/psychological nature of stress, physiological/psychological tools to help manage stress and anxiety, an emphasis on nutrition, sleep,  and physical exercise to enhance overall well-being and longevity, and connecting families to resources locally and nationally for additional programs and information.

Additionally, you will learn about Emotional Intelligence . This is not new. It actually integrates other important areas of research in a holistic concept that emphasizes self-awareness and effective self-management.

Emotional Intelligence may be just as important as IQ or cognitive intelligence in determining parenting and life success. Many researchers have found that our abilities to handle difficult situations, manage our emotions, and shape our interactions are every bit as important as the thinking abilities measured in a standard test of IQ. A growing body of research suggests that those of us with a high level of emotional intelligence are healthier, happier, more successful, more socially responsible, less addiction-prone, experience more job satisfaction and achievement, and have more harmonious relationships.

Emotional Intelligence can be improved! Nurturing Emotional Intelligence levels is important in raising any child and even more valuable in assisting children facing educational or emotional challenges. Once again, this work is beneficial to all children and adolescents. In addition, parents may find that learning these ideas is helpful in their own lives both at home and at work.


Exercise Can Help!


Dr. Bauman has been a passionate proponent of this concept since his doctoral research regarding exercise and mental Health in the early 90s. The medical world is coming around to this revolutionary idea. He recently attended another Harvard Medical School training about helping others by prescribing various fitness routines in support of or, in some cases,as alternative to medication.

The class presented additional research regarding the impact of exercise on behavior, impulse control, motivation, anxiety, depression, and the toxic effects of stress, along with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and so many other health challenges.

Dr. Bauman practices an active, healthy lifestyle and he enthusiastically teams with families, helping them self-motivate and create their own healthy lives. Exercise is vital AND enthusiasm is contagious!

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