Dr. Jeff M. Bauman
Dr. Jeff Bauman, Licensed Child Psychologist and Life Coach serving the Weston, Florida area.

Jeff M. Bauman, Psy.D, P.A.

Licensed Psychologist - Life Coach
Serving Weston, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Parkland, Pembroke Pines and all of South Florida
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Senior Level Clinician Consultations for Children, Adolescents, Emerging Adults, and their Families.

Dr. Jeff Bauman-Licensed Psychologist, Certified Life Coach


YOUR family deserves Wisdom and Experience


Dr. Jeff Bauman, Licensed Psychologist of Weston, Florida Since his licensure as a Psychologist in the mid 1990's, Dr. Jeff Bauman has assisted thousands of Florida children. Many of those former child patients have sought to bring their own children to Dr. Bauman. Bauman “graduates” often return for tune-ups over college breaks. School teachers, school administrators, other psychologists, physicians and community leaders have entrusted their OWN children to Dr. Bauman's care. He takes their trust and yours very seriously.

High level professionals should never stop going to school. Dr. Bauman has traveled the country in search of the finest training to update and sharpen skills. He has been traveling to Boston for many years for post graduate training from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatric Academy. Courses have included the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, Child/Adolescent Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Coaching, Meditation, and Lifestyle Medicine. He has studied mind/body medicine with, the legendary, Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard.  Dr. Bauman trained in pediatric hypnosis during post graduate classes sponsored by the University of Minnesota Medical School.

He is certified by and listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He is a full member of The American College of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Bauman, a Certified Franklin Covey Coach and trained Emotional Intelligence facilitator, has provided corporate/organizational training for well known corporate and government entities. 

He is a former employee of the Broward County School District . He keeps current on District policies and resources along with options available at area private, parochial, and charter schools. Dr. Bauman is a former member of the Pembroke Pines Charter School Advisory Board.  As a former broadcast news anchor, he feels very comfortable in the new Tele-Health format. 




Why I am so passionate about this work.

I am driven to my life's work by childhood experience followed by a resilient journey of growth.

Back in third grade, my parents recognized that I was not performing well in school. I especially had difficulty paying attention and understanding math. They took me to world-renowned health professionals of Columbia University Medical Center. I was diagnosed with a Learning Disability in Mathematics and what would now be called ADHD. In those days, they called the syndrome MBD or Minimal Brain Dysfunction.

My parents were upset with the local school district for having neglected my issues. They filed a lawsuit. In those days, children's privacy was not so well protected. Unfortunately, my name appeared in the newspapers associated with that label (Minimal Brain Dysfunction). I vividly recall how that felt as a third grader. I have never forgotten how other students taunted me as “brain damaged boy” etc.

This began a very challenging elementary school career. Socially, I did much better in later school years, however, math always remained a serious issue. I also was quite the daydreamer. Many years later, my parents told me, they never expected I would graduate high school!

I taught myself how to learn in ways that worked for someone with attentional challenges. I taught myself to stay motivated. I overcompensated for my organizational weaknesses. All this creative effort came to fruition when I entered college. I made the President's list during the first semester at college. I was off and running. I had become an effective scholar and learned to truly love education.

No matter how many years pass, I find it exceedingly easy to relate to children, adolescents, and college aged students who find themselves facing academic, social, and/or emotional challenges. My love for education keeps me searching for more knowledge. This desire for lifelong education also keeps me fresh in my professional know-how, as I regularly attend excellent post-graduate courses in Boston thru Harvard Medical School.

All children possess the seeds of greatness within. I am so honored to have the opportunity to help till the soil and help parents nurture the garden!

With Gratitude, Jeff Bauman


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