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Dr. Jeff Bauman, Licensed Child Psychologist and Life Coach serving the Weston, Florida area.

Jeff M. Bauman, Psy.D, P.A.

Licensed Psychologist - Life Coach
Serving Weston, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Parkland, Pembroke Pines and all of South Florida
Phone: (954) 915-8010

Senior Level Clinician Consultations for Children, Adolescents, Emerging Adults, and their Families.


News, Notes, And Insights


Seems like a family affair :)

Katrina Lorenzo, our dynamic and personable practice manager,  PASSED her licensing exam in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy! Congratualions!  

Liana Lorenzo Echeverri- Double congrats to our former practice manager and sister of our current practice manager. Liana recently completed her Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Liana is also the new mom to a healthy baby girl!  In the near future, there will be other exciting news regarding Dr. Lorenzo-Echeverri and her relationship with this practice.   My best wishes to Katrina and Liana's cousin, Jessica Frias, who has contributed mightily to this practice, as she leaves to complete the intense final chapters of her Doctorate in Clincal Psychology.   I expect Jessica to return as a superstar neuropsychologist. 

As one of South Florida's most senior psychologists, I am blessed with a wealth of training and experience which I can share thru my consults.  However, age also brings increased vulnerability in this Covid 19 era.  So, I have decided to maintain a VIRTUAL Tele-Health practice going forward.    For 25 plus years, families have honored me with visits from all over Florida and even from other nations. Virtual visits or house calls will make things more convenient, whether you live in Weston, Parkland, Boca Raton, Key Biscayne, Aventura, Cooper City, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Pembroke Pines, or from wherever you hail. 

NEWS!  Dr. Bauman now accepting "SELECT" ADULTS to assist with the stress associated with the new Corona Virus realities.  He has already been treating adults with ADHD. 

Thoughts on the Corona Virus era and beyond-Dr. Jeff Bauman

I am so grateful for my 25 year career doing exactly what I was called to do :)  As we enter this new reality, I have been involved in self-reflection. It is quite possible, I have been preparing for this kind of moment for decades. After, I completed Doctoral training in Clinical Psychology, I was drawn to Harvard Medical School post-graduate classes in Mind/Body Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.  I learned how to teach the Relaxation Response.  I learned how the core elements of lifestyle medicine, including stress management, sleep, nutrition, and exercise all contribute to overall health, both physical and mental. I took classes in the therapeutic effects of exercise on ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and a host of challenges. I even took a class on meditation for surgeons! I often found myself in classes full of mostly physicians.  However, my classmates found my psychological contributions helpful as they wanted to learn how to motivate their patients to use all these tools and strategies they might prescribe. 

For years, I have been blending these, sometimes eastern tools, taught to me by Harvard's western medicine giants, in my efforts to assist my patients with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and multiple school related challenges.  However, I think THIS IS THE MOMENT that my training and experience has been preparing me for.  The community is under enormous stress. Children and teens have lost their routines. There is a dangerous virus out there.  We are forced into social distancing.  My optimism has kicked in!  What a perfect time for everyone to learn these strategies and build new, life enhancing routines and habits. It just might improve immune function. The side effect for many of these ideas just might bring overall better health both physically and mentally. 

As you know, I am now seeing everyone virtually, via TeleHealth/TelePsychology.  As a former broadcast anchor/journalist, even this aspect of my new reality feels like I was being prepared to help. 

I look forward to working with YOUR family.

DUE TO COVID 19 factors, and my senior status,  staff hours are light.  Please be patient.  Katrina will check messages and return calls weekday afternoons.


Gratitude to some very important people who have been insturmental to me and my mission! Not the complete list :) More to come.

A note of thanks………

"As I enter the late stage of my professional life, and with retirement on the horizon,  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to some powerful people who helped shape and support my practice and career.

Joyce Bauman ,my mother, went to the mat for me, when the local school district delayed identifying what would now be called ADHD, and LD Math. Phil Bauman, my dad, who gave me my unique people skills.  My grandpa Bill, who actually made it possible for me to get my doctorate. My Nana Elsie, who actually was grandpa's super power.   Dr. Russell Barkley, the most inspiring teacher I ever had!  Dr. Priscilla Marotta, my original mentor who taught me the systems of running a practice. Sandy Bauman, my former wife of 13 years, mother of my child and complete partner in creating the original independent practice. Brenda Lombardo, my practice manager at that moment I began dropping health plans, who believed I had something special to offer. Dr. Cila Nudelman, excellent testing psychologist, who worked with me for 12 years and taught me so much about neuropsychology. School Psychologist Rosemary Eljaua, highly experienced and wise colleague, who currently tests  many of my patients. Dr. Monica Salgueiro, trusted colleague and go-to psychiatrist, primary care physicians too numerous to name, whose trust is sacred to me. I would be remiss, if I did not also mention the multiple psychology and mental health grad students who have managed my practice as they completed their training. For brevity, I will only name those who remain in our community. Dr. Liz Nitsch, Dr. Liana Lorenzo-Echeverri, Katrina Lorenzo, M.S., Jess Frias (current psychology doctoral student). These former and current students have provided excellent service to our practice family, and have also kept me fresh on our evolving profession. Brianna Bauman, my daughter, and my greatest life teacher, is taking her giant heart into her work teaching special education children. She brings me fresh perspective on the compassionate support of children.

And let me not forget the multitudes of moms and dads who have recommended me to their friends over coffee, fences, or Facebook. Of course my life satisfaction has been totally enhanced by the blessing I have had to participate in the growth of thousands of young people.  YOU totally inspire me!  THANK YOU!" Jeff

Dr. Bauman has always been "holistic".  To this end, he has persued a tremendous amount of post graduate education through Harvard Medical School. This advanced training has included hypnosis, mind/body medicine, and lifestyle medicine.  He is now a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine.  Recently, he spent a week in training led by Harvard psychiatrist-John Ratey, author of Spark-The New Science of Exercise and the Brain. Dr. Ratey is a thought leader regarding the treatment of ADHD, anxiety, social disorders, and the use of exercise in managing these challenges.   

 ADHD Answers

The secret is out. For many reasons, ADULTS (especially those with ADD/ADHD concerns) have been finding Dr. Bauman for years. He has enjoyed being of service to selected adults. If you would like to be evaluated for/ or coached regarding adult ADHD/ADD, please don't hesitate to call. 

 Prior to the arrival of the Corona Virus, Dr. Bauman travelled to another multi day educational event in Boston. Another post-graduate class sponsored by Harvard Medical School.  He spent a few days with medical professionals from around the world for Lifestyle Medicine-Tools for Promoting Healthy Change.  This training has informed his continuing mission to facilitate health and happiness for our family of families.

 In another Pre-Covid learning expedition, Dr. B completed a 20 hour course on the latest information concerning ADHD across the lifespan.  This mega workshop was sponsored by the Mass General Psychiatric Academy (associated with Harvard Medical School).