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Dr. Jeff Bauman, Licensed Child Psychologist and Life Coach serving the Weston, Florida area.

Jeff M. Bauman, Psy.D, P.A.

Licensed Psychologist - Life Coach
1840 Main Street
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Weston, Florida 33326
Phone: (954) 659-0059


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Concierge Level Psychological and Coaching Consultations For Children, Adolescents, Emerging Adults and their Families.


News, Notes, And Insights


"I am so grateful to the South Florida community for decades of loyalty and referrals. We are busier than ever!  My friendly staff is working hard to find slots for everyone.  I am adding additional weekend and early afternoon hours. I am also grateful to the multitude of physicians and other medical professionals who have apparently made me the "Doc's Doc".  I feel honored."  -Jeff Bauman

Dr. Bauman has always been "holistic".  To this end, he has persued a tremendous amount of post graduate education through Harvard Medical School. This advanced training has included hypnosis, mind/body medicine, and lifestyle medicine.  He is now a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine.  Recently, he spent a week in training led by Harvard psychiatrist-John Ratey, author of Spark-The New Science of Exercise and the Brain. Dr. Ratey is a thought leader regarding the treatment of ADHD, anxiety, social disorders, and the use of exercise in managing these challenges.   


ADHD Answers

The secret is out. For many reasons, ADULTS (especially those with ADD/ADHD concerns) have been finding Dr. Bauman for years. He has enjoyed being of service to selected adults. If you would like to be evaluated for/ or coached regarding adult ADHD/ADD, please don't hesitate to call. 

 Dr. Bauman recently returned from another multi day educational journey to Boston for post-graduate learning sponsored by Harvard Medical School.  He spent a few days with medical professionals from around the world for Lifestyle Medicine-Tools for Promoting Healthy Change.  This training will assist in his continuing mission to facilitate health and happiness for our family of families.

 For the fourth time, Dr. B completed a 20 hour course on the latest information concerning ADHD across the lifespan.  This mega workshop is sponsored by the Mass General Psychiatric Academy (associated with Harvard Medical School).  


BE CAREFUL signing on for big promises and magical cures!  Here is an important link regarding unproven mental health treatments:

And here is a link concerning another unproven tool unfortunately sold by too many colleagues.


 Some important consumer information from the research community.

A meta-analysis ( study of many studies) of efficacy of cognitive retraining(such as CogMed) (Cortez et al.(2015) supported some benefit for working memory.  However, impact on ADHD symptoms and academic performance was NOT demonstrated.  More research is needed before recommending as ADHD intervention.  

Neurofeedback is a self-regulation technique in which an individual is taught to alter his or her brain’s electrical activity in an attempt to stay focused and attentive. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend neurofeedback in its clinical guidelines for diagnosis and management of ADHD.
CogMed is marketed as a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. Barkley’s 2015 ADHD text advises that FIT programs such as CogMed have not demonstrated sufficient effectiveness for improving the core symptoms of ADHD. “we do not recommend the adoption of these treatment approaches for routine clinical practice.”
Dr. Bauman will continue to hone and implement cognitive and behavioral strategies and a motivational COACH approach to help children/teens/ and families manage ADHD and associated challenges. 

Did you know?

"My friendly assistants are both grad students.  Katrina is completing her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. Jessica is now a Doctoral student in Psychology. They each have a bright future with this practice.  I am so lucky to have them here! " Jeff Bauman   954-659-0059